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Our group was featured in our local newspaper today!!! @vcstar @WYDUSA @wyd2013rio #wyd #JMJ

— TheCulturedCatholic (@tccwyd2013) July 25, 2013



Wow, I can’t believe we’ve been in Rio for four whole days already!! So much has happened in that amount of time. We arrived at the Rio de Janeiro airport, made it through customs and found our dear friends, who moved to Brazil from California about a year ago, so they could help us get situated in Rio. Since then, we have walked along Copacabana beach, ascended Sugarloaf Mountain, and visited St Sebastian Cathedral amidst a host of official World Youth Day activities.
It has been a nonstop adventure it seems, except that the other day we paused our journey for about thirty minutes for an over-the-phone interview with Ventura County Star reporter Jean Moore to talk about our trip so far. It was good for me to take a step back from the whirlwind of youthful energy in the streets of Rio; it helped me see even more clearly how lucky we are to be able to be here with all of these passionate young Catholics to witness to the love of Jesus Christ and the Church.

This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I am putting in the extra hours (during which I could be sleeping– ugh I wanna sleeeep!… but i gotta finish this post :P) to share bits and pieces of our World Youth Day experience with you, my eager readers. Please spread the word about this blog and connect to our social networking sites:《facebook: ; twitter: @tccwyd2013》so that anyone who desires to share in this amazing witness to the faith can learn how to be joyful, cultured Catholics in our world. ♡